Data Security

Learn how we keep your data and our platform secure


Understanding security concerns and demanding regulations, we at Flike are committed to keeping your information secure at all times. We employ only reputable subprocessors to handle your data, and our technicians monitor all activity on our platform closely to ensure no malicious activity occurs. Your data is kept in the strictest confidence and never accessed by our engineers without your direct authorization.

Reputable Providers

We only work together with reputable providers for our cloud infrastructure so that your data is never vulnerable to an attack. Every sub-processor was evaluated through a rigorous vetting process from our data security team, and we conduct annual reviews to ensure they are still worthy of handling your data.

Trusted and secure infrastructure

Our infrastructure is deployed on a highly reputable cloud provider which exceeds all current and proposed security standards. As soon as your data is funneled into our system through our API or integrations, it never leaves the trusted environment. If you decide that you no longer require Flike's AI services, the data is deleted from our processing platform.

Simple and secure data integration

Moving confidential data around is hard. At Flike, we integrate directly with the platforms where your data already is, ensuring that your data cannot leak while it's on its way to us.

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