Empowering product developers to effortlessly embed cutting-edge AI into their apps, without prior data science knowledge.

Why we exist

There have been three major revolutions in the history of humanity, and we are in the middle of the fourth.

The Neolithic Revolution, when we learned how to farm around 12,500 years ago, was the first. The Industrial Revolution, when we learned how to make machines perform complex tasks, was the second. The Digital Revolution, where we learned how to make machines intermediate the flow of information and communication, was the third.

Each one precipitated a fundamental shift in the way people live. The AI Revolution is the fourth.

The promise of the AI Revolution is to tackle numerous intractable problems across business, healthcare, science, education, government, transportation, and logistics, to name just a few. However, so far the benefits have been seen only by data scientists, AI researchers, or ML engineers at the largest corporations and most well-funded research groups.

At Flike, we firmly believe that democratizing AI capabilities represents our greatest opportunity to empower the lives of everyday business users. And we won't stop until we live in a world where everyone can participate in the AI revolution.

The market for enterprise ML is huge. And we think that we have a promising shot at capturing much of it: we have a product that works and that customers love (ping us for a list of customers).

Flike was started by a Swiss Math Champion and is backed by an incredible set of investors such as Y Combinator and key people at companies like GitHub, Airtable, Google, Personio, Pitch, Retool, among others.



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