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Bring user engagement to new levels with our real-time recommendations engine.

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increased revenue at due to in-store recommendations.


of movies watched on Netflix are discovered by personalization.


increased marketing efficiency through hyper-personalization.

Uplevel your product

Flike empowers your product with AI capabilities

Flike is the world’s simplest end-to-end recommendations engine, powered by state-of-the art advances in real-time machine learning. Your next milestone in user engagement is only an API away.

How it works
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Enhanced User Experience

Harness your data to provide users with a tailor-made experience.

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Easily connect your existing data stack to our platform with our integration ecosystem.

Drive Discoverability

Bring a large amount of content to your user in a smart way - by individually showing them what they need.

Constant Improvement

Our models never stop learning, in real time.

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Increase conversion and retention by personalizing the user experience. Offer targeted discounts and suggest products or content that your users will love.

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"Flike's smart solution allows us to utilize our analytics data to optimize our KPIs. This helped us increase our revenue by over 11%, and thanks to their impressive customer service, integrating their solution was a breeze."

Quirin Hasler

Founder & CEO, Refluenced

Revenue +7%

Conversion Rate +23%

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